General sale


How can appleby help?

Whether you're trading up, downsizing or selling for any other reason, we are committed to making the sale process as easy as possible. If you wish to speak to someone please contact Michel Bougeard on +44 (0)1534 818 340.

selling your property

To get the maximum amount of capital for your current home, your property should be presented to the best of its ability to appeal to the maximum number of people as possible. 

Tips on how to present your property:

  • First impressions count so ensure the exterior of your property is neat and tidy, flower beds have been weeded, grass cut, pathways power-washed, windows cleaned (inside and out), and doors and walls painted if they are in need of a bit of TLC. Stand in front of your property and pretend you are a critical buyer - what would you point out?
  • De-clutter and de-personalise. Clearing the clutter will make the rooms look bigger and organised. You want the potential buyers to imagine themselves living there - they won’t be able to do that with your family photos and nicnacks lying around. Now’s a good time to have a clear out ready for the move, store unused bits and pieces in the attic or storage spaces. The trick is to keep your best objects out and arrange them tastefully.
  • Maximise the sense of light and space. Mirrors make a space look bigger and brighter so hanging a mirror in a narrow hallway or above a fireplace in a small room will give the impression that the room is actually bigger than it is. Buyers want to see well-lit, light coloured, neutral rooms. Paint any dark feature walls with a lighter colour as this will make the space feel bigger. The same applies to large dark coloured rugs change these to lighter ones.
  • Clean up! As well as having a really good spring clean you may want to do the small jobs you have been meaning to do for a while: changing light bulbs, getting the carpets and curtains professionally cleaned and re-grouting the tiles in the bathroom.  

how much will it cost?

The costs for which you will be responsible are normally broken down as follows:

  • Your legal fees – click here to request a competitive quote for the sale and purchase of your properties.
  • Your estate agent’s commission which is usually between 1-2%. Make sure you have an agreement in place thats states how much commission you will pay on the sale of your property.


How long will it take?
It is usual for sales to be completed within 4 to 6 weeks of the parties instructing lawyers. Delays can arise either because of issues specific to the transaction itself e.g. boundary irregularities requiring a neighbour to be joined into the sale contract or because of issues in another transaction in the chain. Delays can often occur due to lending banks not having received everything they require in order to be able to issue security documentation. We will do all we can to minimise delay on your part but to avoid further delays please see the section below What should you do?

Who at Appleby will represent me?

One of our experienced conveyancers will take day to day responsibility for your transaction, which will be supervised by one of our property partners. We will keep in close contact with you throughout the transaction but feel free to contact us whenever you like. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and personal approach.

What will Appleby do?
We will:

  • Draft the sale documentation and send it, as well as other title documentation, to the purchaser’s lawyers.
    Respond to queries raised by the purchaser’s lawyers; this includes standard queries and those specifically arising from their title researches and third party enquiries.
  • Deal with any remedial action in relation to title defects as required. This typically involves either seeking the participation of third parties such as neighbours in the sale contract or else arranging for defective title insurance to be put in place.
  • Liaise with your mortgage lender and its lawyers to ensure that we can redeem any outstanding liabilities secured against the property out of the proceeds of sale, and arrange for the charge(s) to be formally cancelled.
  • Ensure that the applicable requirements of the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012 and the Agricultural Land (Control of Sales and Leases) (Jersey) Law 1974 are complied with to enable the transaction to proceed.
  • Deal with all completion formalities (including attending the Royal Court, where applicable) and with the necessary completion payments.
  • Following completion make the necessary declaration to the Parish for the purposes of the Rates Law.

If you are selling a ‘flying freehold’ property our work will also involve appropriate liaison with the association representative.

If you are selling a ‘share transfer’ property our work will also involve appropriate liaison with the company secretary and (if applicable) the managing agent.

What can Appleby not do?

Although there are many aspects to our role when acting in a property sale, we are lawyers and cannot provide specialist advice within other disciplines.

In particular, we cannot:

  • Provide valuation advice or advice on the condition of a property.
  • Provide specialist planning expertise
    Give financial, investment or taxation advice.

However, we have a range of other professional advisers we would be happy to put you in touch with as required.

What you should do?

There are several key steps for you take to ensure that your transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible, including:

  • Documentation: ensure that you have to hand planning and/or building bye-law permits and other documentation in relation to any works you have carried out at the property, as well as any guarantees or similar issued by suppliers and installers. The absence of such documentation can cause significant delays.
  • Instructions: ensure that you respond promptly if at any time we require your instructions on an issue which has arisen in the transaction.
  • Absences and contact details: it is very important that you let us know of any intended absences from the Island during the sale process, so that suitable arrangements such as powers of attorney can be put in place. In addition, we need to be able to contact you easily if the need arises.
  • Utility services and notification of change of address: you will need to make arrangements for final readings of mains services and the termination of your telephone service and will also need to give notice of your change of address to the various States departments, as well as to the medical and commercial organisations with which you deal.